Introduction to 100 albums project

When my son was 1 year old, I started to draw up a list of music, wanting to expose him to all kinds of music. As far as I can remember, I have always been a lover of music, and I think my taste is broader than most people. The list, I hope, can contain enough variety that it would, at some point, strike his fancy. Enjoy!

Below are the original introduction from 2013:

I have been thinking about the list I talked about last time - a list of music that I want to listen to with my child. I guess it is natural for parents to want their children to like the things they themselves like, and I also do hope my child would like boardgames and video games and British comedy and photography and reading and a million other things. But how do people actually go about 'promoting' these? Comparing to wanting the child to get into Oxbridge or be a medical doctor or be happy ever after, I guess wanting him or her to like music, any kind of music, does not sound overly ambitious...

So I am starting a list of 100 albums / collection of music I want to play to my child, hoping that by exposing him to them, he might found something that delights him and touches him. My own music collection is the starting point of my search, but maybe I also need to broaden my horizon. There is just so much to explore, and it is sometimes difficult to decide whether to go for the personal favourites, the classics, or the most naturally charming - but I shall just go ahead and make the list... And Palestrina seems to be a good place to start.